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When you, or someone you love, suffers a major life-changing event it can be an overwhelming experience for all concerned.

The trauma of the event itself, compounded with the need to suddenly re-evaluate future living arrangements, can create a tense and stressful situation that is truly overwhelming and confusing.

  • So who do you turn to for advice and assistance?

  • How do you know that the options available to you are the most suitable for your individual circumstances?

Caring Options is a private care consultancy. Based in Brisbane, we are experienced in assisting people who have recently suffered major life-changing events, such as the death of a partner or a serious injury or illness resulting from a fall, stroke, or heart attack. Whatever the cause, Caring Options cares about the various decisions you and your family need to make regarding living arrangements and care facilities.

Our services include assessing client needs, discussing available care options, coordinating the process for placement in care, as well as more comprehensive counselling or consulting services.

We aim to provide an "holistic" approach which is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you require a high level of care, such as having specialist nursing assistance immediately available, or lower levels of assisted living, it's essential that you are presented with options that are suitable to your needs and economic situation.